Week 1
Minor Makerslab
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 2
Duy-Linh Pham
Week 6
Week 7
Unlearning Manifesto
Week 8-10
Plotting & Mapping
Reading week
Critical Making
Collecting & Storytelling
Electronics & Open Design
Cultural interfaces
Self-directed projects
Assignment for week 3
Reading week
Reading week is a "class-free" week, during this week we prepared for the self-directed projects in week 8-10.

Week 8-10 are fully dedicated to projects initiated by yourselves. Based on a fascination, you will formalize a mini research project that will be executed by you and a collaboration partner. We will start off the process by generating ideas for projects that would be interesting to you to pursue.

Three types of projects
1. Make something entirely from scratch (materiality, tools and production processes)
2. Critique a practice or technology (question cultural values embedded in design)
3. Make a critical/discussion object (create an object that sparks debate)
Fascinations for self-directed projects
Fascination 1
Fascination 2
Fascination 3