Week 1
Minor Makerslab
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 2
Duy-Linh Pham
Week 6
Week 7
Unlearning Manifesto
Make an interactive sound portrait to introduce your classmate (or one of his/her signature traits) to the rest of the class.

The portrait contains;
- Image (drawing, self-made object, otherwise)
- Sound (freesound mp3, self-recorded sound, otherwise)
- Interaction (trigger the sound through any conductive material, in such a way that it reflects the classmate’s character)
Week 8-10
Plotting & Mapping
Reading week
Critical Making
Collecting & Storytelling
Electronics & Open Design
Cultural interfaces
Self-directed projects
Assignment for week 1
After having a conversation with my classmate (Moritz), I started to brainstorm what kind of object I wanted to make. Moritz told me about how he loves the city Berlin and likes to bicycle. I started to take different iconic pictures of Berlin and decided to make some layer-ish object.
After I had the idea about the layer-ish object, I got stuck. I didn't know what the options were, and what could be made. So I went to our teacher (Loes) for some tips/inspiration. Loes introduced me to paper engineering/paper art (on pinterest), which
got me very inspired from the beginning. Besides it appealing look, it could be easily done with the laser cutter. 
After having some inspiration and knowing what kind of object I wanted to make, I started to make the different layers in illustrator. I worked with illustrator before, so this wouldn't be a problem.
At first I used the 'Paper 400gram' standard settings of the laser cutter. This didn't work well, as you can see underneath. Some details were too small, I had to increase the thickness of the lines in illustrator. I also played around with the machine settings, decreasing the power and speed to 23.
After all the modifying to sharpen the details, I started to make a case to put all the layers in. The material I used for the case is MDF (wood. The MDF pieces were cut out with the laser cutter as well, the pieces were then joined together with wood glue. In the end I added some sounds related to the story of Moritz with the Bare Conductive Touch Board, to make it interactive I used copper foil.

Learning objectives
Collaborative Learning
The first week I was collaborating with Moritz, we didn't collaborate that much because we had our own object to make. During the process Moritz and I did an update on how far we were with things, we were both doing good.

At the beginning I got stuck because I didn't know where to start. I had this idea about the layer-ish object, but didn't know how to go further with this idea. That's when I asked Loes for some help and she introduced me to paper engineering and paper art, this helped me going further. Later on I had some basic questions for the people that were working at the Makerslab, like: "What's the best way to join the MDF wood together?".

Maker Skills & Attitude
- Got introduced to paper engineering and paper art
- Tried different settings on laser cutter (23 speed and power worked best)
- Made a case with MDF and glued it together with wood glue
- Used a standard underneath the paper to prevent details getting burned up
Iconic pictures of Berlin
Paper Engineering / Paper Art inspiration
Iconic pictures of Berlin made in illustrator
First try: iconic pictures of Berlin made with laser cutter
End result
Design files
Iconic pictures of Berlin made in illustrator
Standard for underneath the paper