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I want to stop pleasuring everyone around me, and instead have some time for myself to rest. I love to be around the different people I care about, but this leads to an overloaded schedule. Sometimes I just need to be bold and say no to people.

I want to stop holding back, I’m often not the one that takes the first initiative. This happens often when I’m in my comfort zone, like when there’s people around me that I already comfortable with.

I want to stop thinking that I don’t have any knowledge on a subject. Often the answer is really simple. On the side: there are days that I’m tired or feeling off, those are the days that I’m processing things really slow or overthinking the answer.

I want to stop staying in my comfort zone and challenge myself more. I specifically want to challenge myself into doing presentations, I’m really bad at it, but practice makes perfect.

I want to stop staying up late. It’s affecting my rhythm which brings all kinds of problems with them.
Unlearning Manifesto